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Understanding customers and managing customer experiences in a digital world

With the continued advancement of the digital age, the companies are unceasingly adopting their policies to meet the new market requirements. This change is not just being driven by technology but also by the behaviour pattern of the customers. Managing customer service in the most effective manner is the key to staying competitive in the market and the concept of digital customer experience plays an important role in this context. The customers are leaving the footprints of their interaction with various digital businesses and understanding their needs and managing them in the correct manner is essential to drive brand engagement and loyalty.

Customer expectations are growing continuously and in order to stay in the game, a business needs to exceed or at least meet these expectations. Modern customers expect a fast and consistent response from a business along with a caring attitude. Customer data and insights are now more valuable to businesses than ever before as these are gold mines that can help in delivering a perfectly customised content. Understanding the nature of the customers and then connecting with them in the right manner to deliver what they want is the key strategy any digital brand should adopt.

It has been estimated that two-thirds of global CEOs will start focusing on digital strategies to improve customer experience by this year-end.

Here are a few tips to help you understand your customers better .

Research is crucial

The research of data through analytics software is very important. You can use Google analytics to find out how social media is guiding customers to your site and this will help you to develop the right strategy. Data from social media through channels like Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights and Pinterest Analytics will also help you to know your customer base, including their location, background, and interests. This will help you to craft the right social media content.

The right level of interaction

The customers prefer a personalised experience even in the form of information. While face-to-face interactions are not practically possible, digital data can help a business segregate their customer base and offer the right level of personal approach. Identifying the loyal customers and sending special offers and thank-you notes to them can be an effective approach. Combining the humane aspects with a digital approach will allow you to provide your customers with the best of both worlds. It is from these interactions, you can gain more insights about how they are feeling about your products and what they expect.

As per a study, 61% consumers will prefer to buy products from companies that deliver custom content.

Monitoring the information

Social media is filled with feedbacks, reviews and recommendations about various brands and products. Monitoring this information will help you discern the customer’s preference for a particular product and the lack of interest towards another. There are also a wide range of blogs that can provide you the necessary information from the comments and feedbacks. You can also track the followers of your own business to find out what they are liking about your products and design the right strategy to surpass their expectations.

Handling customer experiences in the right manner

When it comes to managing customer experiences, the traditional marketing approaches will not be sufficient in the digital era as the current strategies are non-linear and subject to fast changes. If you are not aware of the importance of constant connectivity and fast response, you may find the situation slipping out of your control more than often. Here are few suggestions that will help you to manage the experience of the digitally conscious customers more efficiently.

Stay ahead in the game

In the fast-paced business environment, you need to anticipate the changes and experiences the customer is seeking and implement them before the demand comes up. This requires you to be aware of the details and fix the problems before they actually become problems. In this way, you create experiences for the customer in advance instead of responding to the market needs. This also means that your customer service team should remain proactive to entertain the modern day buyer.

A recent report states that 88% of US consumers are more willing to engage with brands that are setting new standards.

Balance content quality with customer awareness

With the internet offering a wide range of knowledge about almost every subject, a vast section of the modern customers have the right expertise on any service or knowledge. Not only do they gain insights about a product before purchasing, but they are also ready to share the same with their peers. They check product reviews and are eager to ask the right technical questions. The modern customer is not hesitant to choose a new brand and try out a different product. So a business needs to develop the high quality of content for its products that goes beyond product descriptions and marketing pitches. A rich and engaging content will not fail to attract the attention of the consumers.

Provide multi-channel servicing

Many of the successful brands are making the best use of multiple channels like website, live chat, and social media to connect effectively with their customers. With mobile-based customer experience becoming vital, a presence in multiple channels will make a business more accessible for the customers. With more ease of communication, a business will also be able to deliver prompt and effective customer service. However, the trick is to provide a consistent experience through all these channels without a hitch in the service.

This report states that the number of companies investing in multi-channel growth has increased from 20% to more than 80%.

Offer personalised services

The right level of personalisation that you offer can create a difference between you and your nearest competitor. The data that you derive from the analytics tools will help you to establish the behaviour-based patterns and offer the perfectly moulded service that a customer will need. Understanding what the customer wants is the first step and translating these wants into developing the right package is the key to deliver a superior customer experience. In most cases, the customers are also happy if their purchase history is used in a constructive manner to provide a better experience.

Avoid customer frustrations

Customer expectations are often very high and it is tough for a brand to meet them at all times. The fact is that most customers will not complain about a poor experience but will simply walk away from the brand. They may also share this bad experience with others over which you have no control. A simple follow-up mail after a service can help you in avoiding such a situation and help in pacifying a frustrated customer.

With businesses competing for providing superior online customer experiences, the right steps can make your enterprise stand out from the crowd and win loyal customers.

The modern customer is constantly connected and hence businesses need to stay sharp at all times to deliver a seamless experience through multiple channels. The Sociocs app is the right tool that will help you to smoothly integrate the multiple channels of communication into a single inbox and interact effectively with the customer. The best part is, it is completely FREE.

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