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Social Media, Messengers over Phone Calls: the New Age Customer Service Tools your Business needs

Customer Care is ‘the key point’ that differentiates your business from your competition. Keeping your customers satisfied and happy is the best thing you can do for your customers, as well as for your business. Customer service plays a critically important role in customer retention, which has a direct impact on all the 3 major revenue boosting factors of your business - Brand Value, Authenticity, and Market Reputation.

According to Facebook Business, though 7 in 10 businesses surveyed think they are communicating effectively with customers – yet just 2 in 10 consumers surveyed agree with it.

This gap in customer communication is what your business need to bridge to reach its full potential.

So, how your business can bridge this gap? Simply by spending more money on customer service? The answer is ‘Not Really’!

While allocating sufficient budget for Customer Care is essential, putting it in the right channels is crucial to get the desired outcomes. Currently, the market is experiencing a paradigm shift as far as the customer behavior is concerned. It is important for your business to understand your customer base in order to provide customer service that is effective to meet the customer needs & comfort level. So, before you decide the budget for customer care, it is vital to find out the platforms that will actually enable your business to reach & communicate with your clients in the most effective way.

The Nielsen study of global Facebook data found that 56% of the surveyed population would prefer to message than call the customer service.

The New Age customers are impatient and staying hooked with a voice IVR menu or a Call waiting tone for booking a customer service ticket or for some information is not a preferable option for them anymore. To put it simply, the older ways like calling are getting less & less compelling to the new age buyers. They need solution to their queries at the quickest possible time in the least hectic yet personal way. So, shifting to a more ‘private’ & ‘quick' way of communication with your customers is the need of the hour.

The buyers are increasingly finding the Social media and Messaging Services more effective as business communication platforms particularly because of the instantaneous nature of these services which also provides the scope to think over the words, making the consumers more comfortable and the communication more precise.

On average, a single user spends 142 minutes a day on social networks & messaging (Globalwebindex, 2018).

Hence, providing customer service & answering queries of your existing & potential buyers in real time over the different social media platforms & messaging services can keep you ahead in the game by making it much easier for your customers to reach & communicate with your business.

That’s not all! Focusing on Social Media & Messenger services over Phone Calls for more effective customer care can yield two way benefits. At one hand it will give your customers the comfort of ‘one-on-one’ quick customer service that is sure to add to your business growth, on the other it will enable your business to cut down on the customer service budget.

Want to know How?

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