Introducing Sociocs!

Nov 17, 2019 · 3 min read
Introducing Sociocs!

Your customer has been sitting there listening to the same 2-beat lounge music for the past half hour.

They are now frustrated, tired and just a few screen-taps away from contacting your competition.

The bottom line is simple, in the 21st century, people just don’t like to get tossed around waiting on your response. They prefer getting direct answers from someone who can do it better than a pre-programmed menu system.

73% of customers fall in love with a brand because of friendly customer service representatives. — RightNow

Currently, customer service is primarily being handled over phone calls with or without IVR (interactive voice response), and using online ticketing systems or emails. While these platforms are well established, mobile phone users are finding messaging and social media to be more convenient communication channels than either voice calls, online ticketing or emails. Unfortunately, businesses still have to catch-up with these new communication channels.

Our mission is to make communication convenient and hassle-free for the people who matter the most for a business, their customers.

Sociocs aims to bring in the missing communication piece when it comes to customer care. We provide a super easy way to connect your Facebook messenger, Facebook page, Twitter account, SMS, and other social communication channels to your account. Once you connect one or more of your social channel accounts, you will start seeing direct messages, posts, replies and mentions in a single inbox on our platform. You can also add team members to help handle the customer inquires or comments.

Luckily social media and messengers have created a habit of being asynchronous, that is not expecting responses in real time, which gives your staff more time to do better research before responding. These asynchronous communication channels will improve your staff productivity significantly. Additionally, you and your staff can talk to multiple customers simultaneously. Furthermore, human resources are costly as having to spend time handling one phone call at a time doesn’t make sense financially —  especially when customers do not like waiting for an operator, or getting a busy tone, or getting put on a hold.

By the way, we aren’t claiming that the old channels of communication (e.g. voice calls, emails etc.) are going away. As a matter of fact, we are looking into adding emails as one of the channels through which you can connect on our platform. However, we do believe that with our younger generation preferring social communication channels over voice calls and emails, a customer’s expectation of communication over these social channels will keep going up.

By now you must’ve already interacted with a “Chatbot”. Currently, Chatbots are somewhat unintentionally mimicking voice IVR menus over a chat. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is certainly helping them get better, but it’s still a work in progress. We should make it clear that Sociocs platform is biased towards human interactions over automated chats. Indeed, Chatbots and AI will certainly aid with repetitive work reduction & productivity improvement on our platform. More specifically however, we strongly believe that when a customer makes an effort to reach out to your business for something, it’s usually for more than some rudimentary information that can be found via a search engine or chatbot response.

That being said, we are very excited to offer our platform which will help move the customer care communication to a new era with a simple but useful interface. Visit our web app to get started on the platform.

If you have any questions, please send an email to — We did say emails are not going away, didn’t we?