How mobile apps are changing the face of digital marketing

Sep 12, 2020 · 6 min read
How mobile apps are changing the face of digital marketing

Smartphones have brought about a major change not only in our lifestyles but also in our shopping and marketing patterns. With more and more people getting dependent on their smartphones while making marketing decisions, personalized apps can play a big role in digital marketing. The shift in the pattern of internet usage from desktops and laptops to smartphones, indicates the growing dependence of users on this platform. Hence, the right tools in the form of mobile apps that can make the best use of this platform are essential for serving the marketing goals of all businesses in the digital domain.

Mobile apps provide a wide range of functions from emailing to reading product reviews and further searching for information. With more than 1.5 million live apps in the online stores, any business needs to develop the right app to deliver the right level of convenience to its customers. The rising popularity of smartphones has also led many digital brands to change their business modes into app-only platforms. The right app is also useful for maintaining the correct level of customer engagement and to boost brand recognition. For any brand that intends to make a difference and stand out amongst the competition, developing the right mobile app is an important step in that direction.

The yearly revenue generated by mobile apps is expected to get close to $1 trillion in 2023. — Statista

Let us look at a few aspects of mobile apps that are influencing digital marketing in a big way.

Mobile apps enhance brand value

A business with its own mobile app will be able to make its mark on its customer base. The app will not only allow your brand to find a distinct place in the mobile phone of the customer but it will also ensure that your business has a better recall factor from the customer’s end. In other words, it will allow the customers to recall the name of your business more effectively than your competitors, thereby providing you the much-needed edge. With some unique user-friendly features and smooth performance across the major operating systems, your app can help in attaining the business objectives more effectively than many other digital marketing campaigns. At the same time, using the services of an app that helps in providing premium customer service will enable your business to stand out from your competitors.

As per statistics, in both the USA and China, 71% of the total digital traffic is through mobile devices. — SmartInsights

More ease and flexibility for the customers

With a mobile app, you can engage and stay tuned with your customers 24/7, making your business more accessible for them. A fast and effective mobile app that also offers secure payment options, is a great choice to deliver a wonderful shopping experience to the customers. The right app will also provide an impressive display of the product, along with offering smooth and responsive navigation that will make the experience immersive for the customer. With the right use of push notifications, e-commerce brands can keep the customers updated and engaged while enhancing their sales volume. This is an important way to announce new products to the customers and to send reminders whenever necessary.

Mobile apps also offer the customer a broader level of control than a parallel mobile website, making the overall process easier at all levels. For any push notification, the customer has the choice to turn it off, whereas that is not always possible for website pop-ups. Customers will also be able to save their information for future reference in the app, so that they can make the most effective choice by comparing multiple options.

The right mobile app promotes revenue growth

While the right app allows the customer to discover the true potential of your business, it also offers options to enhance the marketing possibilities of a business. Any app developer should keep in mind the right marketing approach of a particular business to make the app function at its full potential. Apps can also bring down the communication barrier between a business and its customers, resulting in more productive interactions and thereby increasing trust levels. The app will also allow you to expand the range of your business and reach out to a broader customer base.

With more satisfied customers, there will be a positive impact on sales and revenue generation in the long run. Various offers during festivals, special discounts and other features can be easily spread through notifications from mobile apps, making the customers more aware and help in pushing up the sales figures. Apps can also make effective use of smart analytics in terms of demographics, locations, user preferences and other factors. These data can help in understanding the behavior patterns of the users, which can guide the business to take the right steps for higher revenue generation. With the use of AI, companies can effectively use apps to send personalized offers that are designed to match with specific usage patterns and behaviors.

While India is the highest Google Play download market in the world, China has the largest IOS app download market. — BusinessofApps

Synchronizing with social media

Social media is another important platform that can be used effectively to promote a business digitally and integrating it with the mobile app can help your business get the right edge and increased reach. The recommendation of a product or a special offer through social media can have a tremendous effect on the sales figures. Hence, allowing the buyers to share their reviews and feedback to the other potential customers through social media is an important step to attract attention to the app. Social media platforms can also be used to provide incentives to the existing customer base to promote a newly launched app for your business. In addition, social media is a great place to advertise any special feature of your app that has been newly developed to stay ahead of the competition. Choosing the right app for your business can also help in the more effective utilization of social media for communicating with the customers.

An average smartphone user interacts with 9 apps on a daily basis and over 30 apps in a month. — TechCrunch

Better customer service

While developing your own mobile app will go a long way in building your brand, maintaining the right level of communication with your existing customers across various platforms is also essential. A simple mobile app can integrate the various fields of communication from different channels to make replying to customer queries fast and more effective from the smartphone platform. Such apps can improve productivity while lowering the operational costs making them more effective for smaller businesses which lack sufficient resource. Customers like engaging with a business that offers a fast response along with quick resolution of issues and hence the simple app can help in promoting customer engagement and brand loyalty. Such a mobile app can also connect chat support systems and the help desk making the overall service seamless across all the channels.

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