Using Sociocs effectively for medical and dental clinics

Sep 5, 2022 · 3 min read
Using Sociocs effectively for medical and dental clinics

Building connection with the patients has always been an important business trait for successful clinics. Without any doubt, building a connection involves effective communication, in addition to the excellent outpatient services. After the COVID-19 pandemic, need for customer communication has increased multifold, at the same time dealing with limited staff availability, and possibly flexible staff working hours.

Here are the channels a medical or dental clinic MUST use on Sociocs for improving patient connection, while also increasing the staff efficiency.

Text messaging / SMS

Based on the experience from our existing users, we can vouch that the Text messaging/SMS is the most convenient and preferred communication option for the patients. It beats even calling them directly. It also saves a lot of time for the staff who has to wait for the ring, remember to retry when the call doesn’t go through, and repeat the cycle for each patient.

Things you can do with the text messaging:

  • Have your customers text you to set up an appointment.
  • You send an Outbound message to the patient to confirm or cancel an upcoming appointment.
  • Ask your patient to text you a picture of their insurance card to get started on the paper work early. Yes, we support sending and receiving pictures via text messaging.
  • Send a link to your Google review page for the patient to submit a raving review, right after your excellent care.
  • To maintain social distancing, have your customer text you when they arrive at your clinic (and wait in their car). You can reply back with the wait time, and message again whenever you are ready to receive them.

Our desktop web browser and mobile app notifications ensure that you and/or staff get notified of new messages even when working on something else on your computer or phone.

Visit our blog post on the importance of SMS in customer communication.

Facebook page

It goes without saying the importance of social media presence of your clinic, especially a business page on Facebook. Our blog post on how you can benefit from the Facebook presence has all the details.

How connecting your Facebook page on Sociocs can help:

  • Whenever a Facebook user (past, current or future patient) adds a comment on your post (on your business page), you can see, and reply to it on Sociocs.
  • Whenever someone posts a review about your clinic on Facebook, you will see it on Sociocs, and can reply to it.
  • A patient can send you a direct message on the Facebook Messenger. You can continue the conversation from Sociocs, such as appointment setup or answering queries.
  • Facebook messenger offers a chat plugin, which can be placed on your website as a “Live Chat” tool. Again, conversations from the chat plugin can be handled on Sociocs.

Google reviews

Almost all the businesses are listed on Google, very likely your clinic is too. Google allows managing your location details on Google My Business. For a small chance that your clinic isn’t listed or the ownership isn’t claimed by you, Add or claim your business on Google My Business.

Once you have your clinic(s) listed in Google My Business, connect it on Sociocs. You will start receiving all the Google reviews in the Sociocs Inbox. You will have the ability to reply to them from the inbox itself.

SMS, Facebook, Google channels trio can do wonders for your clinic. Ease of handling messages & reviews from all these channels in a single inbox makes a big difference for timely communication with your patients. You can also add multiple staff members on our platform, so that communication with the patients doesn’t get bottlenecked.

Sociocs is a FREE tool for your business. Sign up on our website. Don’t forget to download the mobile app for on-the-go access.