Single inbox for all customer communications

Social media comments & replies, direct chat on messengers, online reviews & questions, SMS. We got it all covered.
In today's digital world customers communicate from many channels. Is your business ready? 
Sociocs provides you a better, easier, and cost-effective way!

People love using messengers. Why not make it convenient for them to reach out to you for their needs? Happy Customers is a Good Business!

Social Media

A lot of times customers use social media platforms like Facebook to connect with you. Responding quickly to comments, reviews or DMs (Direct Messages) is always a good strategy.

Online Reviews

Even the slick and glossy advertisements fade in comparison with the online reviews from existing customers. Business replies to both positive and negative reviews drive new customers to you.

Customer Happiness

Easier access to online support channels is in demand. More and more customers identify social messaging as effortless and more satisfying communication option than making phone calls.

Staff Productivity

One person can answer only one phone call at a time. Thanks to the asynchronous nature of the messaging, your staff can handle interactions with multiple customers more efficiently.


How it works


Connect your messenger/social media accounts and/or pages on our platform. 

We currently support Facebook,  Telegram, Viber, SMS, Google Reviews & Android App Reviews.


Let your customers know that you also provide customer care using your social accounts and messengers.

This could be adding a Facebook messenger/chat icon on your website, asking your customers to send you SMS if they prefer it, posting on social media about the new cool way of connecting with you etc.


Reply to your customer inquiries & reviews (on timely basis). Our notifications will make sure you are made aware whenever a customer tries to reach you.

We know you love your customers, and they will love you back even more when they hear back promptly.


Our apps are completely FREE to use. 


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